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After a great response from our first beginner Pre-Intermediate, we introduce you to a new edition. With new classes developed especially for students who have excelled in the previous level, this curse is also full of practical exercises to give students the best learning experience possible.

The pre-intermediate course is almost halfway on your journey toward fluency in English. 

Your first task is to download your book in the next section. You can download and print it at home or follow it on your computer screen. In the book, you will find everything you need and more.

To watch your classes, click "Complete and Continue" to unlock the next lesson.

This course is composed of 13 classes and two tests. One of these tests will check your progress in Chapter 6. A final test will also be available at the end of the course.

Have a great class!


MATERIAL: You can download the book in PDF format by clicking on ‘Your SEDA Book’.

LEVEL: Pre-intermediate - A2

CERTIFICATION: YES - A Course Certificate is an official SEDA College credential that confirms that you successfully completed a course from our platform. By the end of this course, a certificate will be issued and sent to your registered e-mail address.

IS THIS COURSE FOR ME? This course is for students with some knowledge of English.


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