Welcome to the ‘How to improve your LinkedIn’!

In this course, you are going to learn some features about the most important professional networking and how to boost your LinkedIn profile.

Is this course for me: This course is for those professionals who wants to connect with recruiters to get better opportunities and people who wants to connect with like-minded people.

Material: You can download the book in PDF format by clicking on ‘handout pdf’.

Portuguese subtitles available.

Course Duration: 81 minutes

Course Details:

  • 1. How can I take a great profile Picture?
  • 2. Writing a compelling headline
  • 3. Editing the intro
  • 4. Writing your Summary!
  • 5. Working Experience; Education and Volunteer Experience
  • 6. Add your Skills!
  • 7. Accomplishments: Languages and other features
  • 8. Career interest and Jobs
  • 9. App and QR Code

Also, you can find extra articles about:

- How to write a powerful summary.

- Killer headline! How to create one!

- How does the LinkedIn work in a recruitment process?

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