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In the hotel industry, you get to work with fantastic people. Hotel staff are chosen for their energetic and pleasant personalities. Also, you can meet people from all over the world!

There is also lots of room to grow. You can turn working in a hotel into a career where you can manage people and projects. That probably sounds better than working 9-5 in the same chair for the rest of your life! The tourism industry is growing all over the world. More and more job seekers are looking at hotels and tourism. That’s because there are lots of jobs and the pay is often very good. Best of all, the hotel industry will always be around. No matter what’s going on with other industries, people will always need hotels. People will always need places to rest when they’re not home.
Of course, focusing on hotel English shouldn’t keep you from learning regular English. It may even give you more confidence! In fact, working in a hotel will require you to use all kinds of English: You may end up chatting with a visitor about where they’re from. You may talk to co-workers during breaks. You may have to tell people about the area or the weather around the hotel.

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Level: B1

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David Quiguey
David Quiguey

David is an English teacher from Ireland. He has been teaching for over ten years, having taught a mixture of both teenagers and adults. However, the majority of his experience is with adults.

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