English for Gamers

Everything you need to know about game vocabulary in English

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This course is perfect for game enthusiasts (and everything related to the theme)! However, don't be afraid of joining if you are a casual player or just wish to learn interesting vocabulary such as football, this is the course for you too. Learn how to play whatever you want all in English from now on and even understand and communicate with people from all around the world through the internet. Here we cover the basics from all genres and try not to leave any type of player out. Don't forget to practice all you learn with our handout and exercises.

Level: A2


IS THIS COURSE FOR ME? This course is for students with basic English.


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Remerson Ravasi
Remerson Ravasi

Mr. Ravasi is a teacher of English with over 6 years of extensive experience teaching latin-American students with a wide range of teaching methodologies.

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