Business English - Pre-Intermediate

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In the 21st century world of global business, English is essential!

Professionals need to constantly develop job skills and be prepared to use them and express themselves in an English-centered environment. When we are ready and willing to expand our minds and test our skills, we will win.

Critical thinking, being curious, and applying creativity effectively are absolutely necessary in this global business world done in English.

With all this in mind, SEDA College is proud to introduce one more Business English course, starting with the Elementary Business English and now, Pre-Intermediate Business English course.

We believe our courses will benefit learners of English because they offer cumulative challenges with each one increasing in difficulty to build our learners’ English and professional ‘muscles’.

Through reading texts, listening to audio, and doing exercises specifically created for you by SEDA College Online… your English will become fit and healthy for professional use. In Pre-Intermediate Business English, we will explore the following modules while practising and building Language Skills as well as Business Skills.

  • Career plans
  • Shopping vocabulary
  • Modal verbs
  • Marketing and advertising vocabulary
  • Future and time clauses
  • Management, conflict and people management vocabulary
  • Conditionals, reported speech and present perfect
  • Dealing with stress and the use of passive voice.

MATERIAL: You can download the book in PDF format by clicking on ‘book pdf’.

LEVEL: Pre-Intermediate - A2
CERTIFICATION: YES - A Course Certificate is an official SEDA College credential that confirms that you successfully completed a course from our platform. By the end of this course, a certificate will be issued and sent to your registered e-mail address.
IS THIS COURSE FOR ME? This course is for students with little or no knowledge of English.
COURSE DURATION: 2h 52min of class + 2h of self learning.

For technical support, feel free to contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

Your Teacher

Lydia O'Donnell
Lydia O'Donnell

Lydia O’Donnell is an American teacher of English and also a career, life, and English teaching coach. Ms. O'Donell periodically conducts coaching workshops, in order to help international students face challenges in both, professional and personal life.

Course Curriculum

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