The Levels

Beginner Level - A1

In this level you already had a bit of contact with the language, know some expressions to help you in your daily life and know some basic information about yourself in English.

-You are capable of understanding and using basic daily expressions.

-Use basic phrases to satisfy basic needs.

-You are able to reply some questions about details of your life such as where you live, who you know, etc.

Beginner Level - A2  

In the A2 level you are able to keep small talk in English using situations you are used to. English is becoming part of your routine slowly.

  • You are able to understand sentences and expressions related to basic personal information;
  • You can communicate in a simple way in family matters which require short and precise information exchange.
  • You describe your knowledge, place where you live, immediate necessities in a simple way.

Intermediate Level - B1

At B1 level you can show your ideas and will, write short texts and give your opinion among friends.

  • You are able to deal with daily routine in a country where the language is spoken and create short and simple texts about your interests.
  • Describe experiences, events, dreams and wishes.
  • Able to give your opinion in a limited way about plans and during discussion.

Intermediate Level- B2

Here you have the capacity of understanding texts, talk to native people in a natural way and you are capable of writing about your opinion.

  • Able to understand main ideas of complex texts that talk about abstract and technical themes.
  • Interact with native people with fluency.
  • Write texts which are clear and detailed about varied topics and defend your opinion.

Advanced Level - C1

At this level you can communicate easily, read and write complex texts and communicate freely.

  • Understand a vast range of high level long texts with.
  • Recognise implicit ideas.
  • Communicate fluently and be spontaneous about it with little effort.
  • Use the language effectively for professional and social means.

Advanced Level - C2

Here you are able to practice the 4 skills (reading, speaking, listening and writing) with fluency and accuracy.

  • Understand easily all you read and hear.
  • Reproduce the information with arguments.
  • Communicate naturally, with fluency and accuracy (pronunciation, right words, etc.)
  • Differentiate levels of context (explicit and implicit meanings).

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