Speaking On The Phone

‘Top Tips’ for accurate phone communication in English

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This course provides Learners of English with ‘Top Tips’ for accurate phone communication as well as key words and phrases to help them connect with native speakers.

This course will be useful to:

  • People living in English Speaking Countries
  • People working for International Companies
  • People working in an Office Environment
  • People looking for improve their Speaking Skills

Completing this course will ensure learners are able to transfer calls, make calls, take messages, receive calls, use phrasal verbs relating to phone communication, end a call, use formal and informal language, and make a doctor’s appointment. A great basis for any new job, this course is essential for good spoken communication. Sign up and join us, we can’t wait to teach you!

Your Teacher

Lydia O
Lydia O'Donnell

Lydia O’Donnell is an American teacher of English and also a career, life, and English teaching coach. Ms. O'Donell periodically conducts coaching workshops, in order to help international students face challenges in both, professional and personal life.

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