Introduction to Life Coaching

Life coaching gives people the confidence and ability to move forward in a positive way in the areas of life where they crave change.

This Introduction to Life-Coaching Course is for anyone who is curious about life-coaching, wants to become a life-coach, or things that coaching skills could help them in their career.

In today's modern business world, leaders not only have to lead by example and train their teams, but they need to coach. If a manager wants to be a truly great leader, they need at least a basic understanding of the concept of coaching.

This course will also be helpful to anyone who wishes to improve their communication, listening, and focus in the workplace. Take a chance on the course and discover how Life-Coaching can help you life your dreams!

Your Teacher

Lydia O
Lydia O'Donnell

Lydia O’Donnell is an American teacher of English and also a career, life, and English teaching coach. Ms. O'Donell periodically conducts coaching workshops, in order to help international students face challenges in both, professional and personal life.

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